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late_to_dance's Journal

Dancers who got started late & still want to excel
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This community is for dancers who realized, far later than they expected, that they wanted to devote a serious amount of their time to becoming a skilled dancer, in any style. If you're in your twenties, thirties, fourties, or older, and you're ready to start learning how to dance well, this is a place for you. Here you can post about where you're starting, keep track of your progress, share tips with other dancers about classes, general health and nutrition, and ways to keep dancing outside of formal classes. All styles and skill levels are welcome.

Just remember:

Never say never — A late start doesn’t have to dash your dancing dreams.

Not all successful dancers started taking class before they could read. Remember that your goals, attitude and outlook can make the difference between starting late and not starting at all.

Please Note:

* If you post an entry which includes names of studios or dancers that have websites, please include links to those sites.