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Dancers who got started late & still want to excel

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First Time in a Long Time [Jun. 1st, 2006|11:44 am]
Dancers who got started late & still want to excel
Last night I went back to Hot Pot Studios (Sacramento, CA) for my first bellydance class in 6 months. I got hugs from Amy (the troupe leader), who remembered me, and hellos from some of the other girls I used to dance with, so it was a warm and happy atmosphere. I wore comfortable clothes, a little more "hippy" than I'd go out in but fine for dance class (last winter skirts were all the rage in class, and I was out of place in my yoga pants), brought water, and stepped into the Into class, the very basic super-beginners class. I thought I'd do that class for a few weeks as warm up, make sure I remembered the steps, and then switch to a beginner (next level up class) on another night once summer school starts.

I thought I'd retained most of my ability from last winter. I was wrong.

I got into class to find the fashion had shifted and they're all back to yoga pants. Fine, great, now I can be more comfortable when I go next week. This was not a problem. The class is getting ready for a recital so they were on the last leg of a choreography, instead of explaining a lot of moves we did just a small portion, mostly upper body. In Mychelle's class we did mostly lower body and some rib circles but I'd done these moves at Hot Pot before so I knew the techniques.

What I don't have any longer is the muscle to back the techniques up.

Everything hurt, and my stamina is shot - I was trembling after holding moves for a few minutes. Moreover, my wieght is really holding me back ... In Mychelle's class*, because it's caberet (which is mainly solo dancing) and very movement based (we move around the room a lot) and leg shimmies, I could do that, and do it well, and feel good. In the tribal classes it's very performance based, you're in a block of dancers all doing the same moves because the main troupe makes their living from doing performances, and the lower level classes are taught those same songs (the current intro song is the same one the intro class learned last year, so I actually know most of it still) so they can perform too. My wieght makes it look as if I'm not taking moves as far as I think I am, and you can't see much difference when I move.

I'm frustrated. I'm certainly not dropping the classes, but I'm frustrated with myself for losing so much this semester when I barely danced at all. I know I actually weigh less than I did last winter but I look worse. I feel as if my brain has the knowledge but my body has to start all over again from Day One.

My plan is to keep up with class each week, plus add in workouts during the week specifically to help with the dance (my daily walking is good for my health but doesn't make me dance better) like yoga and going back to DDR. I'll keep up with the weight loss and diet (lost another 2 pounds this week) and hopefully in a few months all of these things together will let me see a difference.

I still had a good time, and I still love dancing.

*Formerly at Healthy Habits, Mychelle is taking a break from teaching dance right now.

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From: penguido
2006-06-03 12:28 am (UTC)
Thank you for joining. I haven't had a chance to go out promoting the community yet, so I guess I should get on that. :) Please post an intro about yourself!
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[User Picture]From: androgenie
2006-06-20 06:57 am (UTC)
weight in and of itself won't make a move look less big....for many women, being thin can be harder with bellydance because the moves don't show up quite as well :o) It's a matter of getting your body to remember the moves and to gain more flexibility and range of motion.

Just for a little proof that a big body can show off moves, check out the video clip from my solo :o) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8pJRgUQVra8
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